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Looking for online medical advice? Post your questions here and get your medical concerns addressed here by one of our medical doctors. This service is for information purposes only and must not be a substitution for a face to face consultation with your healthcare provider.

Online medical doctor consultation is getting better.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to reach out online and discreetly get a free online medical advice from the comfort of your house, office or anywhere you are? How even better, if you know that you will be getting trusted and sound medical advice given by qualified medical doctors who will be honest and transparent with you without any pecuniary interest attached?

What about getting a second opinion on a medical decision or treatment option when you want it? That is what we provide.

We hear some people become very apologetic, saying "I know I should not go online and do self diagnosis". Well, do not apologize. It is the right thing to do, provided in a sensible manner and on the right website. Making use of online medical consultation means the you are more prepared to take over responsibility for your health and not leaving all your health decision to a single medical provider. It means having easy and confidential access to a second opinion.

A study by the California Healthcare Foundation & Internet Health Care Coalition, found out that: "66 percent of those who seek online medical advice do it exactly for the same reason – the privacy it offers!" - Italics ours. Is that you? Looking for some privacy to be able to raise some disturbing medical queries?

Ask questions about your medical concerns online. Get a diagnosis, as well as treatment advice and prescription information… yes, all at the click of your mouse. You can get seasoned medical opinion on most medical conditions, and not just restricted to causes of abdominal pain.

It's For Information Purposes Only

Our online free doctor or medical consultation service is for information and educational purposes only. This should never replace the need for you to see your doctor or healthcare provider for a one to one (or face to face) consultation. It should also not be relied upon if you have a new onset, moderate or severe medical problem of any sort, including abdominal pain.

Knowing Who Is Who

Online Medical Doctors

It is important that you always verify who is who in terms of the provision of free medical help online and avoid falling into the hands of quacks. Be careful.

Always verify the identity and registration status of who ever pops up or professes to be an online physician from your local health authority before engaging such ones.

Go to the Medical regulatory body’s site in your country or region and check registered doctors section. In the United Kingdom, you could check all doctors registration status by following this link General Medical Council Register and in the United States, United States Doctors Register.

Here at, most of your query will be answered by Dr. O. Edema MBBS MRCGP MSC DRCOG, WEBMD & DIRECTOR, ABDOPAIN.COM is a WebMD with over 18 years experience as a fully qualified medical practitioner. Dr Edema currently works in the National Health Service (NHS) in England and he is fully registered and licensed by the General Medical Council (GMC) UK with  Registration Number 6047231. His primary areas of interest are Emergency Medicine, Women and Child Health, as well as General Medical Practice.

Get A Free Medical Advice

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All queries posted are reviewed by our online medical doctor and we aim to get back to you within one to five working days, depending on the work load we have.

This service is strictly provided as a voluntary service and we do not get paid by any persons or organization. If you feel inclined, you may wish to make a small donation to help pay for this service if you find it useful. All donations are highly and sincerely appreciated.

Fill this form now for your free online medical help. Provide as much information as possible in a clear concise format. Some of the questions asked here might sound strange, but providing answers to them will help.

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  4. Where is the pain, if you are describing a pain; Does the pain spread to anywhere? Is there anything that you have noticed makes the pain worse or better? Is it related eating, or movement, or certain times of the month?
  5. Is there any change in your appetite, weight loss, or change in your bowel habit and if so, for how long now?
  6. How is this issue affecting you -
    your everyday life, work, hobbies or home life?
  7. What worries you most about this problem if any.
  8. Are there any thoughts on your mind as
    to what might be causing this problem?
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Severe abdominal pain recently after IUD 
I was fitted with a Jaydess, the slightly smaller version of the mirena. As I expected I was a little crampy after. However that night the pain became …

Right side lower abdominal pain for 7 days  
Hello my name is Yvonne, I am 54 years old. Medical history and past surgery - Asthma since age 2years, Appendisectomy, Tonsillectomy, Sterilisation. …

Upper Middle Stomach Pain, Radiates Into Back 
Age: 24 Where exactly is this pain (part of abdomen or stomach) - It is located in the middle upper abdomen and it spreads to my back. When it all …

pain continuously since hysterectomy worse over years 
Pain continuously since hysterectomy worse over years. I am 49 year old woman who had a full hysterectomy. Since then i began to have lower central …

Biting Pain Below My Ribs On The Left and Right Sides. Not rated yet
I am a 58 year old man who gets debilitating pain on either my right or left sides, right under my ribs; pain does not move. The pains can last up …

Severe pain in right upper abdomen spreading through to the back for last month Not rated yet
For the last 4 weeks I have been woken up at between 5am and 5.30 am every day with a severe pain. This is located just below my right ribs and goes …

Lower left abdominal pain for 6 days  Not rated yet
I am a 51 year old woman. Recently I had some kind of cold or flu virus with a wicked cough. It started with a tickle in my throat and a really …

severe ulq pain, eases when sitting or laying Not rated yet
Got worse after colonoscopy 5 years ago, benign polyp removed, nothing else meds except occasional laxatives.had anurysm coiled and endoscopic …

pain after congenital perinoneal band division. Not rated yet
Hi I am a mother of a 14 year old who after many return visits to hospital with unknown abdominal pains had a division of a congenital abdominal band. …

Upper Tummy Pain  Not rated yet
I am 26 years old, I woke up to gnawing pain under my chest, upper abdomen... It woke me up around 2 & didn't stop hurting until 7... This was the first …

dull pain in left upper abdominal area under rib cage Not rated yet
Recently I have noticed a dull pain that comes and goes in the left upper abdomen directly under my ribcage in the center I have had it wake me up in …

upper left side, recurring sharp pain Not rated yet
I'm a 55 yr. old male with chronic acid reflux and have taken both Nexium and Zantac daily for nearly 10-years now. I continue to have an occasional SHARP …

Pain Below My belly Button With A Low Grade Fever. Not rated yet
I am a 51 year old female and have been suffering with pain below and in line with my belly button for a couple weeks now. I went to my GP who took x-rays …

Severe pain in my lower abdomin and blood in my stools Not rated yet
For the last six months I have experienced severe pain in my lower abdomin. It usually happens in the morning when I need to move my bowels. It lasts for …

Lower Abdominal Pain when standing for long time and pain that shoots up the vagina Not rated yet
Had gastric bypass 18 months ago. Had rectocele repaid 6 months ago. Now experiencing low, abdominal pain when standing for long periods of time (grocery …

feel as thou my heart is about to stop Not rated yet
Just before I fall asleep I feel as thou my heart is about to stop, I suddenly wake up and become scared and feel like I am going to have a heart attack. …

Myomectomy vs Esmya Not rated yet
Due to have a myomectomy on Friday and my surgeon called me in today to mention Esmya. I have been waiting 3 months for the operation and I am now unsure …

i have Rhuemetoid Arthritis. Not rated yet
I have trouble sleeping lots as I take Prendisone for my arthritis and it gives me leg cramps some times in the night. I have put on weight. And right …

Pain on my right testis and right lower Abdomen pain Not rated yet
Pain on my right testis and right lower Abdomen pain. when i am travel by car,when i am sitting in my office the pain comes from right Testis up to right …

pain in lower left abdomen Not rated yet
I have been having very painful spasims of pain in my lower left abdomen with a strong urge to urinate urination is not painful I am a 55 year old female. …

I urinate bloody Not rated yet
Dear Doctor Im 7months pregnant ,im 28years old,yesterday I;ve notice that my urine was bloody so im scared what if my baby get affected,and im not …

Abdominal pain Not rated yet
It started like 8 years ago when I use to be with my ex bf. I have this sharp pain out of nowhere on the left side of my abdominal. I couldn't get …

pain behind my right eye Not rated yet
I have a strange pain in my right eye it makes me weep in that eye its very uncomfortable and all I can think of is that its a Tumor. Hi Ronan, …

Constant Abdominal Pain Not rated yet
Hello Doctor, I am 50 years old male. About five weeks back it started. Pain in left lower abdomen and bladder area. Stool is inconsistent but …

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pain and hardness in upper abdomin,right side for one week Not rated yet
Hardness,tenderness,and pain in upper abdomen. Pains comes in waves, usually after eating and moving around, bending mostly. Appetite has lessened …

ehlers danlos syndrome with left side abdomen and left flank pain Not rated yet
I am a 31yr old female with ehlers-danlos syndrome (type 3 with sub type 2)and have been suffering on and off with left side abdomen & left flank pain …

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