Pain on my right testis and right lower Abdomen pain

by Luthar Babu

Pain on my right testis and right lower Abdomen pain.

when i am travel by car,when i am sitting in my office the pain comes from right Testis up to right lower Abdomen,Pain was coming last 30 day,now a days even at the time of sleeping having pain,please suggest me,what is the problem & how it Diagnosis.

Dear Luthar,

Thank you for writing in from Gabon. How is the weather there today?

You report that you have been suffering with pain on your right testis that spreads to your lower right abdomen for about 30 days now.

You also mention that the pain is brought on by seating for some considerable amount of time.

How old are you, roughly?
Has there been any injury to your scrotum recently? Is your scrotum swollen or can you feel any lump on the testicle or behind the testis within the scrotum? Does your scrotum seems to feel as if there is a big bag of worms dangling into it? Is there any discharge from your penis? Have you lost weight recently without trying?

Well, there are only a few things that could cause the symptoms you've just described. They include:
  • Testicular torsion - not likely here, as it causes very severe pain and shouldn't last for weeks
  • Infection of the testis (epididymo-orchitis)
  • Intermittent torsion of a cyst of the testis or the epididymis
  • Scrotal varicocele
  • Tumour of the testis or a
  • Right inguino-scrotal hernia or hydrocele
. The only way of diagnosing exactly what is causing this pain on your right testis that spreads up to your right lower abdomen would be through a careful one to one check with your doctor and the use of an ultrasound scan of the scrotum, if your doctor deems it necessary.

I will strongly suggest you see a doctor as soon as possible so that you can be properly examined and treatment offered as might be necessary.

Thank you again for stopping by here and hope to hear back from you on how things went.

Best Wishes.

Dr O Edema

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