pain behind my right eye

by ronan whelan

I have a strange pain in my right eye it makes me weep in that eye its very uncomfortable and all I can think of is that its a Tumor.

Hi Ronan,

Thank you for contacting us.

Pain behind your eye does not mean it is caused by tumour. There are so many reasons why someone could develop pain at the back of their eye. The commonest reason is as a result of strain to the eye muscles due to bad sight.

Have you had your eye checked recently by an optician? Why not pop in to your local optician to have an eye test?

Another reason could be from migraine headache.

Glaucoma is even yet another cause of pain at the back of the eye with tears running down the eyes as if you are "weeping".

Blocked tear duct is another reason.

My suggestion to you would be to have your eye checked.

Tumor causing such symptoms is rare, though not completely impossible.

Please let us know what happened.

If you have any specific question, please do not hesitate to come back to ask us.

Best Wishes.

The Abdopain Team.

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