feel as thou my heart is about to stop

by david

Just before I fall asleep I feel as thou my heart is about to stop, I suddenly wake up and become scared and feel like I am going to have a heart attack. This has only happen a few time in the past, I have had a 24 hour heart scan and in a letter advised I have a average heart beat of 75. Not sure if that is good or not.

Please can you give some advise.

Dear David,

Thank you for contacting us.

Your heart beat reading of 75 per minute (average) is excellent.

It must be a terrible sensation to feel as thou your heart is about to stop while you are sleeping or about to sleep. This is a symptom that so many patients complain about everyday.

It is often not due to something serious, though doctors would always want to take any of such complaint seriously and try to gather as detailed information by questioning and then carry out a number of investigations as deemed necessary.

May I start by asking how old you are?

You said you have had this feeling in the past - when exactly did you first experience it - weeks, months or years ago?
What were you doing there? Can you tell us more?

Can you also provide more information on exactly what happened in the last episode you had recently?

Was there chest pain, shortness of breath or feelings as if your heart was racing? For how long did this feeling last for?

Do you suffer with any medical problem? Would you describe yourself as someone is is usually anxious more than most people?

Are you on any medications?

The more information you are able to provide the better.

Whatever happens, you will need another ECG and blood tests (FBC, Electrolytes and Urea, Thyroid functional test,Cholesterol level, Fasting blood sugar level, etc), 24 hour tape and if all of these come back normal, you may require an echo-cardiogram and may be a chest x-ray.

What test to do and those not to be done would depend on what was found and what your doctor thinks might be wrong.

From the story you gave above, it does sound though that your doctors have done all they believe is necessary and are happy with your heart.

Should you have any more attack of feeling like your heart is going to stop, do not hesitate to go and see them again.

Good Health To You.


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