Upper Middle Stomach Pain, Radiates Into Back

Age: 24

Where exactly is this pain (part of abdomen or stomach) - It is located in the middle upper abdomen and it spreads to my back.

When it all started and for how long has it been going on for? It has been going on for 4 months now.

Is the pain mild, moderate or severe? Severe

What is the character of the pain - is it sharp, burning or a dull ache? Is it like a knife cutting through the stomach to the back? It's like a knife that is stabbing into my upper abdomen and back

Is the pain always there or does it tend to be worse at a particular time of the day or night or after eating, etc? It's worse after eating, but I do have the dull pain almost every day

Does the pain spread to anywhere else - to the side, or back or not? It's like a band that goes around from my upper center stomach, to my sides and into my back.

What makes the pain better - food or pain killers? Pain medicine and nausea medicine makes it better.

What makes it worse? After I eat a meal.

Has there been any recent intake of large amount of alcohol or spicy food? Have you been particularly more stressed recently? No, I'm not a drinker I watch my diet and no more stress than usual.

Is there any associated vomiting or change in bowel habit? Yes, I have vomiting and diarrhea

Is there any change in the colour of your stool? Is there blood in your stool? No

Have you been losing weight unintentionally in the past few weeks or months? Yes.
What is your past medical history like? I had my gallbladder removed in 2008, and I had ovarian cysts removed in 2011.

Are you on any medications? Yes.

Do you suffer with any allergy? Penicillin and all NSAIDS

And indeed any other relevant information or description of the pain you can provide. It's just a sharp pain in the middle and radiates into my back. It's a gnawing pain.


Thank you for contacting us regarding your upper middle stomach pain that radiates into the back. Thank you too for taking the time to be thorough and providing all those important details.

From the answers provided above, it is almost certain that the cause of your upper middle stomach pain is a degree of stomach ulcer or irritation of the wall of your stomach. Please follow this link to read about the causes and treatment of such pain here:

I hope this is helpful.
Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require any further help.

The Abdominal Pain Team.

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Apr 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

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