I urinate bloody

by ntsiko

Dear Doctor

Im 7months pregnant ,im 28years old,yesterday I;ve notice that my urine was bloody

so im scared what if my baby get affected,and im not really sure what the cause,coz i drink enough water

but i always craving for ice cubes but i make sure idnt eat too much
please advise me what can I do to prevent this,while im pregnant,really scared
please help

Dear Ntsiko,

I can see why you are scared. Being pregnant and passing blood in your urine would certain cause anyone to have different thoughts going through one's mind.

I believe you must be suffering with urine / bladder infection. It is a very common condition especially during pregnancy, though not many women would pass blood in their urine from urine infection when they are pregnant.

You mention your fear of your baby becoming infected too. The good news is that, urine infection is often easily treatable. You will need an antibiotic.

Please why not see your doctor as soon as possible so that you are prescribed the right type of antibiotics that will be most appropriate for you at this stage of your pregnancy?

Are you allergic to penicillin? If you are not, people in your situation are best treated with:
  • Co-Amoxyclav, 625mg Three Times Daily for seven days.

It is also safe to take other antibiotics like Cephalexin 500mg Three Times Daily for seven days.

If you are allergic to penicillin, then your options for treating a server urine infection that is causing blood in your urine at 7 months of pregnancy would include:

  1. Nitrofurantoin: 50mg Four Times Daily for 7 days or

  2. Trimethoprim 200mg Twice Daily for 7 days (unlike in the past, current evidence shows that this antibiotic is safe to be taken in pregnancy) or

  3. Erythromycin 500mg Four Times Daily for 7 days.

Ntsiko, I think it would be a good idea to take a sample of your urine along if you are going to see your doctor so that it could be tested.

I hope everything goes well with you. Please see your doctor and get treated. That is the best way to ensure that your baby is not affected by this infection.

If there is any other way we could help, please do not hesitate to come back to reach us.

Thank you for using our free online services. Please let us know how everything went, if you can.

Good Health To You.

Dr O Edema

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