lower left abdominal pain worse before a bowel movement

by Lori

lower left abdominal pain for almost two weeks which seems to get worse before a bowel movement.

55 yo female with mild high blood pressure. Taking Diovan for that. No other medical conditions or medications.

I started experiencing pain in my left lower abdominal area almost two weeks ago. At first it felt like constipation.

The pain seemed to move down further, so it seemed like it was an obstruction from that and was working its way out. However, it seemed to have stopped moving and has been in the same place for over a week. Very low abdomin on the left side. It seems to let up some after a bowel movement, but now appears to be aching more and more. I have a constant feeling of something aching and in that area where it shouldn't be.

I have been experiencing headaches for about a week now as well.


Dear Lori,

I agree with you. The symptoms you described - lower left sided abdominal pain that seems to get worse just before bowel movement and relieved by opening your bowels, on going for the last two weeks, certainly sounds like that from constipation.

Constipation can lead to headaches. It is also very possible to open one's bowel and still be constipated.

I would advise that you try some over the counter laxatives like Senna or perhaps lactulose twice daily for the next few days and see how things go. If the pain were to become more severe, I would strongly suggest you see your doctor sooner. It is okay to take laxatives with Valsartan (Diovan), provided you are not taking both together - may be take the laxative very early in the morning and very late at night and then the Diovan about an hour or two after the laxative.

Was there something you were thinking this strange pain of two weeks duration could be other than constipation?

There is nothing in your story to suggest that the cause of your pain could be something more serious.

Do you have any blood in your stool? Any unintended weight loss? Have you been having your yearly physical and blood works? When last did you have a complete physical examination? Have you had a colonoscopy recently - in the last 5 years? Do you or any of your siblings or parents suffer with diverticulitis?

If you are in anyway more concerned though, I would suggest you get seen and examined by your family doctor.

Please let us know how things went, if you can, by posting an update here.

Many thanks for using our services here at abdopain.com and we truly wish you a vibrant and resounding health.

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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