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Constipation remedy is tailored to address the possible cause of the constipation in the first place. This is only true for acute constipation, or mild constipation.

In chronic constipation or severe constipation, these traditional measures often fail to yield result. They may even worsen matters.

Chronic constipation is defined as constipation lasting for more than six months, or even three months in some quarters.

If you think you are suffering from chronic constipation, see chronic constipation remedy here.

If you have mild constipation, then try the following:


Water melon, prunes, cherries, cereals, whole bread, vegetables are good dietary components many have included in fighting their constipation.

Diet is king. The recommendation is that you need about 30gms of fibre in your diet every day. Control your diet and you will have relieve from constipation. Dietary control is undeniably the most important constipation remedy.

You can learn about easy to prepare but nutritious famous American recipes rich in high fibre from this popular e-book


To maintain a balance water ratio in our system, an average man or woman requires between 8 to 12 cups of fluid drink daily.

If you live in a warm place, you will need more than this. How does your liquid intake measure? Liquids like water, fruit juice, are very good.

A little tea or coffee is okay too. Remember that coffee or tea, in quantities actually draws water away from your body, and will make you constipated!

For those who already have constipation, drinks like corn syrup, or any drink with some thickener will help.

Eat Regularly

This is like training our system to know when to act. Eating regularly is a discipline that pays great reward.

It will not only help against constipation, the bowel and whole body system will function better. You must not ignore this constipation remedy.


Exercise is important in helping to overcome constipation especially in the elderly.

Walking for about 30 minutes down the park briskly, swimming, knee to chest manoeuvres, regular thread mill for younger and fit individuals or any other exercise for about half an hour a day will greatly help in stimulating the bowel to move and make defaecation easier.

In severe or chronic constipation, this will do no good. However, that exercise is helpful can be seen in cases of marathon runners who often stop off by the tract side to open their bowel.

Remember, the key here is moderate exercise. Discuss your exercise needs with your doctor. Too much exercise I not good for your health.

Avoid Laxatives

While laxatives are commonly used in treating constipation, using them for a long time or in high doses can cause constipation.

It can cause pre-mature delivery in pregnant women too. Only take laxatives on your doctor’s advice. There are so many laxatives like senna, lactulose, ispaghula.

Keep an Eye on Your Medications

If you are taking medications like iron tablets, codeine based pain killers, morphine, cough syrup, or some anti-hypertensive, you need to discuss with your doctor.

He may decide to change your medication or add some thing else that will help you open your bowel easily. A medication recently licensed for constipation is Zelnorm. It is found to be very useful, especially for chronic constipation.

Other useful medications in constipation remedy include psyllium, lactulose, and colchicine.


Operation is not a constipation remedy. At least not for mild constipation. Long colon on its own does not cause or lead to constipation, rather chronic constipation may lead to elongation of the colon. Read about surgery for treatment of constipation in the chronic constipation page.

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