undiagnosed lower right abdomen pain

by Susan
(fairfield,iowa USA)

I am a 62 year old woman and have had this worsening pain for over 2 months. I first started out with right sided chest pain,and sharp pain in upper,right abdomen.

They did a chest xray,and said I had an 11th. rib fracture. No trauma. This settled down,but started having low,pelvic,right sided pain. It started out crampy,heavy dull pain that was constant. A pelvic exam revealed bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection.

I took flagl for a week. A vaginal ultrasound showed normal,except for a small fibroid. The dr. did a upper right quadrant abdomen ultrasound,as I told her I had previous liver cyst.

The results were.Previously biopsied lesion in posterior aspect of right lobe of liver has increased and appears to be more hyperechoic. Hepatomegaly with fatty infiltration. Multiple liver cyst.

My pain has increased,and am now having sharp,deep pain,especially towards late afternoon and evening. The pain seems better,when laying flat.

My bloodwork shows low iron,NT probnp high(244),ALT high(46) and low electrolyte(7).The dr. said all of this would not be a problem,and to take iron supplement.

I have had 4 C sections,an ovarian cyst removed,plus appendectomy,lp shunt, Some of the symptoms are sudden hair brittleness,tiredness,large weight gain,(in relatively short period)Swollen glands in neck,trouble swallowing(at times)low back pain.

I had a colonoscopy 5 years ago,and had multiple polyps taken out.

I am absolutely miserable with this pain and so frustrated that a diagnoses has not be made. I was given tramadol for pain,and that doesn't help. If I push hard on the painful spot on lower abdomen,it helps pain,also laying down. Please advise! p.s. not a smoker or drinker.

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