tremendous abdominal pain

by Elizabeth
(Bulverde, tx)

I have had 3 csections,appendix removal, hysterctomy.

The hysterctomy lead to DIC and 4 more abdominal surgeries. Since the last surgeries, i have been in tremendous abdominal pain.

I was diagnosed with interstycial cystitis and adhesions. My bladder had adhesions on it. I have had 2 partial bowel obtructions. The pain keeps me from living a full life. I work full time as a teacher and a single mom to 3 teens.

I go to a pain doctor, but some days the pain is too much. I am 47 and other than this abdominal pain, I am healthy. I take estradial, zoloft and tramadol. For severe pain, i take hydrocodone. However, on really bad days, this isnt enough.

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