sudden upper abdomen pain

by Vanesa
(Windoek, Namibia)

43 years;lap nissen repair more than 10 years ago. a follow up made a year ago; no problems identified.currently on ecotrin medication for thrombosis in leg.


Dear Windoek,

How is the sudden upper abdominal pain you reported earlier this morning?

Is it gone now?

How long did it last for? Was it after a meal? Did you feel bloated during the painful episode? Any vomiting or loose stools? Any change in the colour of your stool?
Is this the first time you are experiencing a pain like this after your lap Nissen repair over 10 years ago?

What was found during your last review a year ago? Did you have abdominal x-rays and or upper GI endoscopy done after the surgery or shortly before or during your last review?

As you know, Gas bloat syndrome is the main late complication that could follow a Nissen fundoplication surgery.

That you have been relatively symptom free for 10 years (if that is the case as indicated from your story), it is unlikely that you would be having problem from it now.

I note that you are taking aspirin - ecotrin. What does are you using and for how long now?

If the "sudden upper abdomen pain" still exists, I will strongly suggest you go in to see your doctor for at least a face to face examination and may be further testing to try to narrow down the probable cause of the pain.

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I look forward to hearing from you soon and until then,

Good Health To You.

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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