sudden pain in my right abdomen

by Wondering!

I had my pregnancy test and its positive, i believe the last time i have my menstruation is on june 3, 2o12..the thing is, i feel vomiting always, lost my appetite and there's always a sudden pain in my right abdomen and even in my abdomen..Can anyone tell me if there's any possibility for ectopic pregnancy?


I completely agree with you. There is a very high possibility of ectopic pregnancy as the cause of your "sudden pain in my right abdomen", if, as you said, you did a pregnancy test which was positive, and your last menstrual peroid or first day of your last period was 03 June 2012. That makes you about 6 weeks plus 3 days pregnant.

Ectopic pregnancy is most likely to cause pain and symptoms within the 6th and 10th week of pregnancy, and any occurence of right or left sided abdominal pain in a woman of child bearing age, especially if they have not seen their peroid is regarded as ectopic pregnancy until proven otherwise.

Having said all the above, the symptoms you've described could also be attributable to acute appendicitis. Mothers to be could develop appendicitis at any time in their pregnancy. Appendictis characteristically, could cause sudden pain in right abdomen, nausea, and loss of appetite, just as you've described.

Whatever is causing this sudden pain in the right side of your abdomen needs to be diagnosed. Quickly too. Do not be alarmed please. Just go to your Emergency Medicine (A&E) department now and be assessed. Remember to take along with you a sample of your urine, as they may also need to exclude acute urine infection, which could cause abdominal pain on the center lower abdomen usually, but could also cause right side or left side abdominal pain with nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.

Hope you are not bleeding or spotting from the vagina? Any shoulder tip pain or dizziness? Should any of those occur, it would be safest to call an ambulance to be taken to hospital...just in case it is an ectopic pregnancy that has now started to bleed internally.

As said earlier, you need not be alarmed please. Get someone with you and go and see your doctor now.

I hope this helps.

Please kindly keep us updated on how things went if you can, and please accept our best wishes and kind regards from everyone here at

Good Health To You!

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Aug 09, 2012
Eptopic Pregnacy
by: Anonymous


I had an eptopic pregnacy. It was the worst pain ever! The longer you wait, the worse it is. I went to the hospital THREE times before the rushed me into surgery and had to remove a cyst, my fallopian tube, and an ovary because it was not caught the first two times I went to the hospital. Please get checked out, and DO NOT let them make you leave without checking thoroughly like the hospital did me.

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