sharp pain in my upper right abdomen

by jennifer
(Nigeria )

Am 26 and About 7 months ago while taking a walk, I felt a sharp pain in my upper right abdomen. I wasn't worried but became worried when I learn it was also the position of the liver and kidney. The first liver and kidney function test was okay. My blood sugar was high and am a little over weight. The doctor said is nothing serious. Meeting a 2nd doctor and without test concluded it was a gall bladder infection. I went to another doctor the kidney was perfect, d liver was okay but some enzymes where high because I was taking some antibiotics then. My sugar level was very high At 160 and my weight was 109kg. I tested positive for uclear .I don't feel any pain per se, just a little discomfort , especially if I don't eat or if I over feed. Something aint right there and I want it to go away

Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for visiting us here at seeking to understand what might be going on with "sharp pain in my upper right abdomen". I appreciate that you said the symptoms were about 7 months ago but you are obviously worried that you still get some discomfort if you are hungry or have had bit too much to eat.

With your weight and symptoms described, you are very likely to have issues with gallstones. Did you get a scan of your gallbladder (ultrasound scan)? If you have gall bladder stones, that could cause you those symptoms.

Your blood sugar level is also out of normal range.

The good news, Jennifer, is that there is something effective that you can do to help with your sugar control. Only a 5% weight loss will dramatically help with your sugar control and 10% would be fantastic. Is it something you can achieve?

Should you still have the pain, I will suggest you get some scan done and find out what exactly the problem might be.

Thanks again for stopping by here at, and please do not hesitate to reach us again if there is any way we could be of further help.

Best Wishes,

Dr Edema

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Mar 23, 2014
by: Anonymous


im having pain in my upper right side abdomen specially when press and sometimes in deep breath,i dont have test as of now .. have someone experience this? tnx.

Apr 13, 2013
Abdominal pain
by: Josephine


I experience this pain just few days now. I had an ultrasound of renal and otherorgans in abdomen and everything is normal...when i woke up in the morning now, my right abdomen is aching and then it goes to my back on the right side also. the pain goeson and stops and then on again. What is this sickness, please advice me. thank you..

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