severe left sided stomach pain

65 yr old male started having severe pain in left side stomach 3 days ago also dizziness, nausea,fever along with black stool today and black tongue.



The information you provided here is very brief and could contain more details like which part of the left side of your abdomen - upper or lower, does the pain spread anywhere? Is there something that makes it worse or better? Is there associated nausea or vomiting? Have you lost weight recently? Is there any change in how often you open your bowel - have you been more constipated recently or more of diarrhea?

What is your appetite like?

Do you have any previous medical problems? Are you on any regular medications?

From what you have described so far though, sounds like you must be bleeding from inside your bowel with some inflammatory process going on.

Diverticulitis of the earlier segment of your bowel, bleeding peptic ulcer or other disease process is most likely the cause of your symptoms.

I would advice you go in to see a doctor soonest. It is very important you do so.

Please do not hesitate to come back to use if you require any specific help or question answered.

Get Well Soon.

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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