server sudden sharp pain on lower right abdomen for weeks

by Yvette

For the past few weeks I've been having server sharp pains on my lower right abdomen and it's starting to occur more frequently and more sharp and painful as the days pass by.

The pain comes and goes and nothing in particular triggers it. The sharp pain can occur while sitting, standing or walking... I have not noticed it too much while laying down but there is a lingering feeling of pain there. This pain happens at anytime of the day and sometimes with sudden movements reaching above my head.

I don't feel like if I have to pass gas nor do I feel constipated. Just in case, I took gas x, extra water and added fiber to my diet and still, there is no change in pain.

Prior to this pain I had missed my period for two months and now it's back to normal (This pain is nothing like cramping).

I ended up in the ER five days ago. I got labs done and there was nothing abnormal in my results. I got an ultrasound done on my lower abdomen and a pelvic one too. The ultrasound from the outer didn't show anything and the pelvic one didn't show clear images of my ovaries.

My doctor suggested I go another week to see if anything would change because he found nothing wrong. I said no because the pain is that bad and so he ordered a CT. I just got it done two days ago and waiting for the results.

Can someone shine some light for me because this pain is really bad when it occurs and high doses of pain medication is not helping at all... literally Zero help.

Hopefully someone knows what I can do to alleviate the pain meanwhile I wait for my results. Please and thank you.

Dear Yvette,

It is good that you have had blood works and Ultrasound scan back and showing no serious cause of abdominal pain, though I can see that the pelvic ultrasound scan didn't show clear images of your ovaries.

You must have received your CT scan report now. Did it show anything?

If it did not, then it is most likely that the cause of your pain is outside your abdominal cavity - it is either a:

  • Myofascial trigger point pain - muscle knotting around the site of pain or a
  • Back mouse - small turf if nerve on your lower back that could caus epain down to your right lower abdomen

Or it could be a bad sprain of your muscle.

What does your doctor think now?

Please let us know what your Ct scan result is as well as the thoughts of your doctors and we should be able to signpost you on where to take things further.

Thank you for using our free online resource on abdominal pain here and hope to hear back from.

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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