ruptured incisional hernias?

In 2008, after 20 months of undiagnosed pain, a golf ball size gallstone was removed from my abdomin. The stone had left an open hole in my gallbadder and small intestine. Since my stomack was so infected, the diseased gallbadder was removed five months after removal of the stone. Thereafter, over the next two years, I had two incisional hernias repaired with screens reinforcing the areas. In the last few weeks I have had occasional cramps. My stomack has been somewhat extended for the last one or two years and I have recently used an elastic, six inch band around my waist. My waist has enlarged since the operations from a size 36 to a size 38-39. I've had constipation for several years and take Miralax about twice a week. I visited the surgeon a month ago because I thought I had ruptured my incision again. A small bulge appeared in my stomack and seems to have a liquid base which squises when pressed. He could not find any rupture. He didn't know what the small bulge is and said we will watch it to see if it grows larger.

I am a male, age 81, 5'9 and 180 lbs. Feel great and exercise one hour on treadmill and exercise bike twice per week and walk frequently. I have stablized Chronic Kidney disease, hypertension (controlled), AFIB, high cholesterol, and an underactive thyroid. I am taking MULTAQ (400 UNITS) for the AFIB; BENICAR (20mg) for hypertension; PRAVASTATIN (20MG) for high colesterol; and SYNTHROID for thyroid. Early this year I developed severe spinal stenosis and do daily back exercises. I am not allegic to any medicines

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