Righ Side Pain

I woke up this morning with a stabbing pain in the right hand side of my stomach, it was so intense that i struggled to bend down and put my tights on, since then its been about 3 hours and the pain has worn of slight but is still there, i couldn't get a doctors appointment for a week, does this sound concerning?



You wrote about 12 hours ago.

Is the pain still there, or it it gone off completely?

It would be certainly be concerning if the pain is still there now.

How old are you? Are you male or female? Is this pain actually in the lower or upper side of your right abdomen?

Is there any associated reduced appetite or feeling of nausea? Do you feel feverish - hot and cold? How do you actually feel in yourself? Unwell?

If you are a woman, when did you see your period or menses last?

Is there any increased frequency of passing urine?

As advised above, if you are still experiencing this pain 12 hours after its onset, then it is very important that you see a doctor as soon as possible.

Appendicitis, right sided kidney stone, biliary colic, ectopic gestation, ruptured or twisted ovarian cyst (the last two if you are a woman), etc needs to be excluded.

Please do not hesitate to provide a more detailed information or indeed request more information should you have further concerns or query on this matter.

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