Remedy for Trapped Wind


Remedy for trapped wind in adults and children involve manipulating our diets and behaviors as well as the use of some medications to relieve trapped wind from our system. Learn what to do and see trapped wind medications used successfully by millions world over.

Watch What You Eat!

Refraining from foods and drinks that cause trapped wind is a wise and the first step to take to succeed in the search for a remedy for trapped wind. Keep a food diary. You may soon well notice that certain type of food brings on the pain and bloating you experience with wind.

A food that commonly causes wind in Ms McKenzie may be different from that that precipitates wind in Mr or Ms Smith. So keeping a food diary is vital to finding a remedy for trapped wind.

For food items like broccoli, cauliflower, beans and peas are very important component of a balanced diet. We must not remove them from our menu, but seek ways of processing them to make them more digestible by our system.

Beans for example, if soaked for hours and the skin or coating removed before cooked, is not likely to cause wind. So too is boiling our vegetable a little more to make it tender. Do not over boil vegetables so as not to loose the vital nutrients and vitamins they contain.

Cut out fizzy juices and drinks would not only help prevent or reduce trapped wind problems, but will also contribute to good health. A recent study at the Harvard Medical School, Boston Massachusetts by Dr Ravi Dhingra published in the Journal Circulation on the July 23, 2007 shows that "Drinking more than one soft drink daily is associated with a higher risk of developing adverse metabolic traits." It does not matter if you are drinking a "diet" variety or the regular one. So you are doing yourself more harm if you gulp in soft drinks regularly.

Same is true of reducing the quantity of refined sugar we eat or drink.

Other wise and proven ways of achieving a remedy for trapped wind include:

  • Eat regularly and avoid eating late at night. This will allow food to be properly processed by the gut, thus less available for gut bacteria.

  • Drink a lot of water. Some have even advocated water therapy, where you wake up in the morning, before you do anything, drink 2-3 glass of water on an empty stomach. Have your breakfast one to two hours latter. Drink a lot of water as the day goes by. Drink lots of water before you fo to bed at out that you do not over do it and find it impossible to sleep because of having to wake up every few minutes at night to wee!

  • Exercise regularly. Regular exercise is healthy for the whole body, but will allow food pass through the gut more naturally and quickly, thus denying the bad bacteria long time to act and produce wind in the gut.

Another important remedy for trapped wind is not to be shy and refuse to let off the wind when it accumulates in you.

Fart. Yes trump it. If under pressure, let the wind go. Don't fail to break the wind. It will save you embarrassment later. You could be polite and say to those around you: 'sorry I just trumped'. Again remember, we all do it. People who shy away from letting off wind suffer a lot from trapped wind. This does not have to be so.

Trapped Wind Remedy In Children

For trapped wind remedy in children, always remember to wind them after meals. Place your kid on the shoulder and systematically rub down on her back. Take extreme care to see that you do not drop the child.

Trapped wind remedy has also been achieved in babies by using a stand feeding bottle teat. Wide bored teat or bottles whose teat has been made larger by the mum will cause the child to suck in wind as the child is been feed.

The angle or positioning of the bottle during feeding is also important. Hold the child's feeding bottle at about an angle of 45 degree to the mouth, thereby, shutting off air from the feed as the baby sucks in her feeds. These will help reduce winds in the baby.

For trapped wind medications for children, see the list in the table below.

Trapped Wind Medications

If all the above step does not help, or if you suffer from severe trapped winds and wants to achieve quick trapped wind relief, there are a plethora of medications out there to treat trapped wind.

You can try any of these on advise from your G.P or family doctor. Such medications include antacids, mint, fennel seeds, chamomile flower products and peppermints.

We will discuss a few of the top abdominal gas medications here.

If you have personally found these useful as remedy for trapped wind, please let us know so that others can benefit from your experience. Send us a feedback.

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