Possible bladder adhesion following appendectomy?

I had a laparascopic appendecomy nearly 5 months ago. Shortly thereafter, I had soe urinary symptoms, including hesitancy, slowness of stream, and the sensation I had not fully voided.

My symptoms persisted to a mild extent for up to a month afterwards and then became less noticeable. Then, 2 months post-surgery, I abruptly had the onset of abdominal pain, nausea, difficulty eating, and later, worsening of these urinary symptoms.

I developed acute urinary retention, which now is more chronic and am self-catheterizing daily. My cystoscopy was normal and I am awaiting results of a UDS.

Is it possible this is an adhesion? I have daily discomfort, sometimes pain, in the area around my incision site and in my bladder and while I can urinate on my own some during a day, it is difficult, and my bladder never feels empty. I have had as much as 500cc present in my bladder and not been able to void. Thoughts?

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