painful abdomen low down and swollen tummy

by k

for 4 months very low down in my abdomen I have had a constan dull ache that can be quite painful and doesnt go away. Also I have experienced a sharp stabbing pain near my left ovary. On the first day or 2 of my period the pain is quite bad and my and I have pressure in my rectum, but afetr that the pressure goes. When I take painkillers for my tummy pain and discomfort(not on my period) it dulls the pain and ache but im left with a heavy draging sensation. I also have low deep pain during and after sex for days. I have been referred to a gynae who has booked a scan for 3 weeks time but the last day or two the discomfort and pain is worse and its all I can think about. Surely they cant leave me weeks like this not knowing what is causing it?

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