Pain under my belly button in the morning

by J Evans
(Rahway, NJ)

Some strange things are happening to me lately.

It started probably a few months before October when i brought myself to the emergency room at 5am because I went to pee and nothing came out, not even when I pushed with my fingers on my lower abdominals.

After getting a CAT scan and blood work the dr. told me my problem was gynecological. I made an emergency appointment and after more tests it showed that I have 8cm fibroids that are about the same size of my uterus.

On top of that, I had a yeast infection so the dr. said it was probably a combination of both. Since then now February I was back at my dr. and was given an antibiotic for a UTI and a 1-time pill for a yeast infection. It helped and I'm in the process of getting surgery to remove my uterus, I'm 46 years old w/f so getting late to have more kids any way I guess😢 I have 1, a 24-year-old child.

Now I'm noticing pain under my belly button radiating down when I suck in air. I'm not sure what this is and I'm worried about getting an operation and if I have a chronic yeast infection or bacterial infection I will get sick during healing or if it is a UTI or something to do with my blatter I may be getting the operation to remove my uterus for no reason. I don't need the operation now but my dr. said it could prevent future issues.

I'm confused and not sure if I should bother seeing a specialist about this belly button pain since it's not severe. To mention I went in for an annual physical and an EKG showed signs that I had a heart attack.

I told the dr. I thought I was having a panic attack which I originally thought was a heart attack when it was happening in December and since it only lasted about 10-15 minutes my father was telling me it was probably a panic attack because his dad and boss both had one and thought they were having heart attacks too.

I live with my parents which stresses me and I'm here because of financial reasons, no job😞

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