Pain under left breast and ribs and centre of spine and worse when lying down

by Kath

Pain under left breast/ribs and centre of spine and worse when lying down.

Suffer from acid reflux I had my gall bladder removed last year and since May this year I've had pain under my left breast/rib area spreading round my left side and in my spine

I can't sleep at night with the pain lying down and constantly feel nausea have had X-ray and mammogram both ok.

My doctor seems fed up with seeing me so I haven't been back for months now just suffered in silence but last few days I've been in agony taking omeprozole 20mg daily.


Dear Kathy,

I think you should go back to see your doctor.

You would require an abdominal ultrasound scan as well as blood tests to exclude problems in your pancreas and stomach.

Costochondritis, 11th or 12th rib syndrome, and spleen problems are possible other causes of the pain you have described.

How are you generally, Kathy? Any medical problems in the past? Are you on any regular medications? Other than gallbladder surgery, have you had any other major surgery in your abdomen? Do you still have symptoms similar to those you had with your gallbladder pain?

What are you using for pain control?

Please feel free to contact us again with answers to be above questions as well as if you have any other specific questions.

Please do not give up seeing the doctor if you need to.

Many thanks for using our services here at and we really truly wish you a speedy resolution of the cause of your pain.

Good Health to You!

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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