pain on the right side of my navel

by Marie Howard

My name is Marie 33 years, I had three successful c-section but like after a year or two i started having pain on the right side of my navel, at first i notice that the pain only came when my period is dew and then it stop so i taught it was normal.

I notice that pain started to come more often so i went to my doctor and he said that it was nothing to worry about but now when i press on the side i feel something hard and the pain is constant.
I am preparing to go go back to my Doctor, but if you know what this is can you help me?
All that i was given when i went to doctor was pain killers.

Dear Marie Howard,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your pain on the right side of your navel, at first around the time of your period, but now continuously.

You also mentioned that you now feel something hard by your navel. You have had three cesarean sections in the past.

What you've described here does indeed sound like you might be suffering with endometriosisas a complication of your cesarean sections.

Endometriosis is a condition where the cells that normally line the wall of the womb is found in other part of the body.
These cells, in response to the normal female hormones around the time of menstruation, also bleed and causes menstruation outside the womb where they are

This could lead to pain and sensation of heaviness or bloating depending on where they are located and the amount of cells.

How these cells get out of the womb to these sites they should never be in remains unknown to doctors. Nevertheless, one thing we do know with certainty, is that many women who undergo cesarean section could have the lining of their womb inadvertently picked up and transplanted in the abdomen, under the skin of the operation scar, in and around the navel, in the bladder, etc etc.

On arrival at these points, they will continue to behave like normal womb cells. Endometriosis is not something serious. It is NOT cancer.

You can read more about this condition here

The good news is that something can be done about it, if this is confirmed to be the cause of the pain on the right side of your navel.

You may wish to see your doctor, discuss this possibility with him or her, you may need an ultrasound scan of your abdominal wall done, and if confirmed, apart from pain killers, you can also be given different types of drugs to clear control this.

It would be nice to hear back from you to know what your doctor thinks and how your investigation of the cause of "pain on the right side of my navel" went.

Thank you once more for visiting us and using our free online medical consultation services.

Get Well Soon.

Dr O Edema

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