Pain on my lower middle abbdomen

by Ivan

Well i feel the pain mostly in the lower middle abdomen. My urinating is not steady.

But a very low stream. It hurts a little.

No vomiting. No fevers or shivers. Some body aches. I had to call out from work because i do heavy lifting. And that makes abs hurt.

Dear Ivan,

It is almost certain that you are suffering with cystitis. This is an infection of the bladder. It is a form of urine tract infection.

Cystitis is very common and should not alarm you. Any one can suffer with this and not because of anything you have done.

During these hot months, drinking a bit more water could help.

If your lower abdominal discomfort and burning sensation when passing urine still persists, it is best you see your family doctor as soon as possible.

A course of antibiotics for 3 to 7 days will cure it.

Please kindly update us, if you could, on how things went.

On Call Doctor,

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