Pain on lower right abdomin or back

by Daniel

I'm a 19yr old male who really hasn't had many troubles with health growing up. Although from time to time due to lack of sleep i experience minor stuff like sneezes or coughs that go away when my sleep patterns stabilize.

Though recently I've had some weird stuff go on. Like as of a year or two ago when i consume dairy product like milk or cheese i get a little bit of an ache in the stomach. I didn't think much of it other than minor lactose intolerance..i don't know how relevant that is but you will see why i bring it up in a second.

Last week I've been visiting the toilet more often, if it was because of dairy i wouldn't notice especially since it doesn't really bother me during mid day to night only in the mornings.. But I've been needing to use my digestive system. There was like a day or two straight where id go and well what would feel like fluid would spew out ya know? ...if that's not graphic... Anyway id look down and there would be little to nothing in there except a little bit of dropping. Id be OK the toilet roughly to 15 minutes to a half hour last week and it lasted 2 and a half days tops.

After that i haven't experienced anything until today where i got coffee and my stomach kinda hurt like usual cause it was 8am. It didn't bother me. Later in the day (this is where my actual concern lies) i felt slight pains in my testicles because it was getting a little twisted by my boxers in uncomfortable positions. So i felt that pain that didn't quite feel like pain just felt like I'm hitting a funny bone in my crotch area...

So after finally fixing it after a couple times of it occurring it stopped happening and my genitalia no longer hurt. Now whats hurting is my side. Not quite below my belly button but i think its my lower abdomen.

It only hurts when i sit down, I've tried other odd movements and well i don't feel it and what it feels like when i sit down is the same funny bone feeling that feels constricting not quite like pain. I feel no swelling cause i gave my self a skin pat down and well putting pressure on it doesn't hurt either.

I wanna say its a muscle strain but i cant tell you what muscle and all I've been lifting is clothes at hangers for work and maybe a somewhat heavy backpacking was no heavier than the ones i I've carried in High school.

I don't know what this is called or if my very long explanation helps figure it out but if you could contact me on here or through my email **** subject "back problem" that would be incredible.

I'm also sorry if i cant post emails ill have this copy pasted with that part removed it if not OK.



Thank you for reaching out to us for help with the right lower abdominal / flank pain you are experiencing.

I can see that you suspect that you might have lactose intolerance causing you bloating with passage of large amount of wind and small stools.

I think the symptoms you are describing could be due to food intolerance, celiac disease or even irritable bowel syndrome.

As regards this new onset pain on your lower right flank and abdomen that seems to be made worse by walking or sitting, you would need to be examined to exclude acute appendicitis or other conditions that mimic appendicitis.

So I would suggest you go in to see your doctor soonest.

Please let us know if there is any other way we could be of help.

Kindest regards,

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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Apr 06, 2016
pain in lower pelviv area male
by: carl

had ultrasound and said both lymph nodes swollen in groin. swelling on upper inner thigh too. blood test and urine normal. this is irritating and uncomfortable whats up????doc says come back in a month.

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