pain in the upper belly to central belly


Pain in the Upper Belly

Pain in the Upper Belly

pain in the upper belly to central belly. Went i sleep in bed pain is occur and when i wake up pain occurs.touch in belly pain feeling.

Dear Lipika,

More information on this pain in your upper belly to central belly would be useful.

If you are posting questions here, providing information like:
  • Where exactly the pain is – which you did provide here
  • When did the pain start or roughly how long has the pain being?
  • Does this pain spread to anywhere else in your abdomen or body?
  • Is there something that tends to make the pain worse
  • Is there anything you do that seems to make it a bit better?

Information on your age, sex, any recent unintended weight loss or gain if any, if you are known to suffer with any chronic medical condition like diabetes, hypertension, celiac disease, etc as well as list of any medications you may be taking long term would also be helpful.
The more information you provide to your doctor or to us, the better and easier it would be to be able to provide answer to your question.

Thank you for visiting us here at Be sure to provide us with more info to help us serve you better.

Good Health to You!

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