pain in the right lower abdomen

by Amy
(St. Petersburg, Florida)

I am 38 years old, and as of 4 days ago, I started having major pain in the right lower abdomen in the middle of the night...I couldn't sleep.

I took a pain killer and finally I fell asleep, but I was scared. I waited 2 more days and the pain fluctuated to mild to annoying, and it shifted to lower back and upper legs a bit....kind of like I ran a marathon...I went to doctor...Urinalysis is clean...They gave me some anti inflammatory medicine and pain meds... feel a bit better...but it still lingers now and then....worse at night when 800 Ibuprofen wears off...and still seems to radiate a bit in my lower back...It's not appendix either.

I do have an autoimmune disease (limited scleroderma) and I do smoke. I don't have any signs of endometrioses except lower right pelvic pain (It almost feels like I am having a mini-period with slight cramps in my right lower abdomen). The pain shifts from mild to annoying.

Is it cervical cancer? a cyst? Can cysts just go away on their own? I haven't lost weight...I usually bloat daily depending what I drank or ate...I don't have unusual bleeding or pain during sex, or abnormal discharge...and it came on so suddenly!!!

I don't have insurance...I don't know what's next to do?? I don't have pain urinating or defecating...I do have an appetite and I pass gas like a normal person I suppose. What's wrong with me? I am so scared....:( Am I dying?


Dear Amy,

No, you are not dying.

This pain in your right lower abdomen that spreads to your back and upper thigh is almost certainly from a right ovarian cyst.

You will need to go to your local ER, if the pain is still there. Once a diagnosis is made, you would then be able to know what next to do. If it is a twisted cyst, you would qualify for an emergency operation - won't you?

I hope the pain goes away on its own - yes, sometimes, cysts untwist and then the pain resolves.

The two common problems with ovarian cysts that lead to pain are either a rupture or bursting of the cyst or if the cyst twists on its stalk.

Even if there is a rupture, it could be contained within the body provided it does not cause much bleeding internally.

Only by means of a pelvic ultrasound scan or CT scan can this be diagnosed.

I would strongly suggest you go into your local Emergency Room for further assessment, if you are still experiencing this pain in your right lower abdomen.

Please get back to us, should you require any further clarification.

Good Health To You.

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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