pain in my stomach

by Natalija
(Bilston, UK)

Hello! Help me!

Article because I am misunderstanding.

What do I do? For some time I have pain in my stomach start to feel pain on the left and then move on to the abdomen.

Tadas pain I have for the first time. I've had slept ambulance and hospital. I have to say that the pain is due to cysts and tear of the egg. And also because the abdominal cavity is a liquid. I do not know.

I've had seven surgeries. The first has been blind gut, then outside the uterus in pregnancy,during which I took out the left fallopian tube ,then after a few days returned again ,because there was something good ,but I really do not know laproskopija - to remove the intestines from the adhesions,then another one to do the same, then major surgery that my fallopian tubes sewn together, which gives burst of the ovary, together with intestinal adhesions and somehow pulled the fallopian tubes. And the last I'd post previous Operation develops growths on the joints, was investigated for analysis and they are well tissue that grows outward.

Doctor says it's only fat people, but I'm pretty slide, I have only 52 kg! And now I have the great abdominal pain on the left.

already half a year I lived on pain relief tablets, do not care anymore, got tired. I have a daughter who, wanted a normal life. Forgot to say that I have all the problems begin with the birth of their daughter. And she I was born one month premature. She is 8.

High expectations of your response, Sincerely, Natalija!

Hello Natalija,

I am indeed so sorry to learn about the pain you are going well as having to look after your 8 yer old daughter.

The pain you describe does still sound like that from abdominal adhesion. Your GP will need to investigate you to exclude any other cause.

There are experts there who now specialize in adhesion treatment. You may be able to access one via your local GP.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for using the abdominal pain forum.

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Nov 26, 2012
Total Hysterectomy
by: Rebecca

Two years ago I had a total hysterectomy due to edometriosis and a famiy history of ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. It turned out I had classic symtoms of endometriosis but nothing looked bad once they where looking around. I had text book looking ovaries too, but they removed everything anyway due to the fact that i also had a couple abnormal pap tests...since then I have had pain on my left side where my ovary use to be. its a dull pain and isolated just to that area but makes me a little nausiated. It comes only once every two to four months for a couple of days...Is this due to adhesions? Help!!

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