Pain in bladder and uterus area

by Teresa

Pain in bladder and uterus area - You Do Need To See Your Doctor!

Pain in bladder and uterus area - You Do Need To See Your Doctor!

About 4 days ago I started to experience discomfort in my lower abdomen (pain level 2-3 of 10).

BM's were (are) difficult.

I took softeners 2 days presuming I must be constipated, even though my stools were normal. The pain became worse over 4 days. It feels like an overfull bladder.

Walking increases the pain (5-6 of 10). Urinating is not really painful, but very uncomfortable as the muscles contract. I am not urinating more or less.

When I sit, it hurts in the same area. Reclining with no weight on my anus is not painful, just minor cramping.

I'm post-menopausal.

My colon is great (per colonoscopy). I'm not gassy, though I took some anti-gas stuff. Didn't help. I don't have an appendix. I haven't done anything to pull a muscle.

In the past, I had heavy menstrual bleeding and giant blood clots, but that's been over 2 years ago. There's no blood in anything.

I don't want to go to a Dr. for something stupid. I'm at a loss.


Dear Teresa,

I am sorry to hear about your lower abdominal pain.

It certainly does sound like you are better off seeing your doctor. You may require further examinations and perhaps investigations to exclude conditions like endometriosis (though unlikely, given the fact that you are now postmenopausal - I take it that you are about 52 to 54 years old since you last saw your menstrual period in the last two years), bladder infection or mass in the pelvis. An abdominal ultrasound scan may be necessary ASAP.

So, I think it is the right thing to see your doctor.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Dr. O. Edema

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