Onset of abdominal pain over last 2 days...

by Delaney

Started about 2 days ago
Felt almost like bruised ribs on the right side- then became a constant ache in right side lower abdomen- almost like an intestinal blockage but I've been eliminating ok... Yesterday felt like my belly was full although I hadn't eaten much of anything... Took some Advil and went to bed- woke up this AM with a lot of pain in deep right side, tender in a very distinct area when I press on it, lower back is very sore
Only way I could get comfortable enough to sleep at all was to lie on a heating pad-
No fever, bad nausea or vomiting though- Although my appetite is very low which is unlike me-
Have had headaches for past 2-3 days and have been somewhat lethargic- almost weak feeling
Questionable ovarian cyst? or onset of appendicitis?
I noticed the pain after a normal-for-me abs workout 2 days ago... I maybe twisted the area and irritated a cyst which is why it's so painful?
It's right around my right side- starts in the front between my hipbone and navel and wraps around to the small of my back- if I squeeze the area, they're tender and painful but not excruciating or "doubled over" type of sharp pain
I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so not sure how excruciating the pain should be to raise a red flag to warrant a visit to the hospital!

I'm 35 years old, in excellent health and eat a very good diet of organic foods and clean meat- I exercise regularly and am quite physically fit- I'm 5'5" and weigh 115 lbs.

Any help in diagnosing from the forum is appreciated! I'm not 100% against going to the hospital, but if it can be avoided, would be much preferred of course!

Thanks in advance!

Dear Delaney,

I hope by the time this reply gets to you, you are already completely pain free or have been seen in the hospital.

I completely agree with you in terms of what you are suspecting might be the cause of your right lower abdominal pain, "in the front between" your "hipbone and navel and wraps around to the small of back".

Appendicitis needs to be excluded.

The red flags you are looking for are there -

  • feeling lethargic
  • Reduced appetite
  • Some degree of nausea
  • Pain in your right lower abdomen between navel and hip bone

Even if it turns out to be a urine infection or ovarian cyst or constipation, it is still a call I think you should allow the doctors to make, so as not to miss something that could have been easily treated, if caught and dealt with early, like Acute Appendicitis.

My strong suggestion is, yes, please go to the hospital on this occasion.

We are eagerly hoping to hear back from you please, on how things went.

Best Wishes.

Dr O Edema


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