Not operating - Abdominal adhesions

by Corrie Beukes

I am 37 years old and have been struggling with all the symptoms as discussed above due to more than one surgery involving the abdomen including the removal of my gallbladder and previous surgery for the removal of abdominal adhesions. Now it has come to the extent that I don't have any bowel movement unless I use both enema and orally take laxatives. After allot of preparing myself emotionally I made the appointment with the general surgeon with the hope in mind that for once and for all they are going to operate and for at least 8 years (previous op was 8 years ago) I will not need to worry about feeling bloated all the time or worry about landing in the ER unexpectedly. After doing all other tests they could not find the problem up until the point that I landed in the ER with excessive pain and they took x-rays and immediately realized what the cause of ALL my problems were. I was VERY disappointed when the doctor told me that I probably have abdominal adhesions causing the problems but that he is not willing to operate seeing that an operation was the start of my problems. Now he has given me numerous laxatives and instructions to start exercise and watch what I eat but I JUST DONT HAVE THE TIME TO TAKE CHRONIC MEDS FOR AN UNDETERMINED PERIOD.

In the mean time when I get the pain again he wants me to go to the hospital and again take tests to determine what type of adhesions I have. I just want to live a normal life again without worrying where or when my stomach's gonna go. I don't want to have to count to 15 days to decide ok now it's time to take desperate measures to get rid of all that's inside my body and ruining my life at this point. I'm fed-up. WHY NOT OPERATE AND GET IT OVER WITH. I am more than prepared to get this operation every 8 years and in the meantime at least live a normal life!!!

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Nov 16, 2011
by: Vicki

I went in 6wks ago to have my gallbladder out, My bowels were so bad that they had to remove some, was in hospital for six days, I don't feel any different and have had the doctor out a couple of times due to uncontrollable pain, still as i said its only been six weeks so time will tell, will keep u informed.... Fingers crossed

Sep 17, 2011
In to much pain to have a life
by: vicki lawlor

I know how you feel, from the age of 16yrs i have had 13 operations on my stomach, I am due to go in again soon to have my gallbladder out. I had P.I.D when i was sixteen due to a coil that went rusty and thats when i had my first op, by the time i was 18yrs i had my tubes taken out and had had eight operations. I am now getting a lot of pain and have been told that i have adhesions on my bowels which is twisting them and causes all my insides to stick together. Apparently there is nothing the doctors can do, i need to change my diet and take a lot of laxido. I am oxycontin for the pain which helps take the edge off, but my life has taken a back seat as im more often in pain than not, i also cant control my bowels when not constipated, to top it all off i was diagonoised with artheritis in my neck and lower back and also have fibromyagia and ibs, as you can imaginge i dont leave the house much due to lack of mobilitity and contant pain... if anyone knows of anyone that can help me i would be very greatful as i am only 36yrs and would like a life again :

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