by Darlene
(Hampton Roads, VA, USA)

Darlene, 51 yrs, I have had episodes of mostly mid-abdominal pain on and off for over 6 months.

It is almost always after eating somthing fatty; pizza, steak, even a granola bar triggered it. If it is dinner meal I usually wake up in the night with severe cramping and going to the bathroom, sometimes sweating bad and bent over back and forth to the bathroom and sometimes throwing up.

I end up with severe chills and the cramping continues for hours. I have had a colonscopy-normal, an endoscopy-normal, an abdominal cat-scan-normal. Utrasound-normal. I have had a Hida-scan and as soon as I was injected with the "fatty food" simulation I started cramping.

With this finding and my symptoms my internist says he beleives it is gallbladder; had all heart tests that were normal and the cardiologist said it seems like gallbladder. My gastro doc said that if this is affecting my life style and sick at work then have it out. I have talked to a surgeon and he said that the Hida-Scan cramping is a sign of gallbladder as well as my other symptoms.

Getting ready to schedule surgery to remove it. Just would like some definitive answers other than everything is normal but the symptoms and the Hida-Scan cramping. Any advise?

Hello Darlene,

Fatty food does trigger gallbladder contraction and causes severe pain, even in some people without obvious gallstone. If this is causing you that amount of pain, then getting the gallbladder out will be the wise thing to do. Just before that, if you have not already done so, what about trying yourself on Low Fat Diet For Gallstone Sufferers?


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Jul 01, 2012
abdominal pain
by: ray

i have had upper middle abdominal pain constantly for six months , it can radiate to my back at times and i also get pain to the right side under ribs . i have had a barium meal and a endoscopy which came back normal. im worried though as the pain seems there nearly all the time but fluctuates in intensity , its really dragging me down , it even affects my throat

Nov 16, 2011
by: Darlene

I had my gallbladder out in March 2011 and I have had no abdominal pain at all since. I took it slow trying different foods. I do not have any problems with any food. I have only eaten ice cream once and I seemed to have a little diarrhea the day after; but that was months ago. I need to try ice cream again. If you have pains especially at night getting sick and going to the bathroom, insist that your doctor do a Hyda scan. I could only go on the symptom of the same pain with the injection that I had during my sick times. I felt like I diagnosed myself because of all the other tests coming back negative...I asked the doctor to take it out and I'm glad I did.

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