minor could be serious?!

by veronica
(rocklin, ca,usa)

Hi-so its no biggie right now...yesterday morning at around 7am I woke up and was going to sleep in a few extra minutes but I felt a little pain on the left side of my abdomen just a few pokes barely even noticable or important and so I got up and the rest of the day went perfectly smooth...then later at about midnight which is when I usually go to bed I felt a few pokes on my right side that went away very soon after presenting themselves but I got a bit worried so I got up and did the usual tests can I bend over yes..can I sit yes..I feel basically fine..I feel a few pangs in the middle now but its not like the pain ive heard described when people have appendicitis though I'm a little worried itmight become that or.something also my boss got appendicitis like a week ago and she told us she cut it really close whichis why I'm writing this question..some other details... after.I consulted a ton of health sites I suddenly had a second bowel movement for the night which is unusual for me since I rarely even go once a day I also started to feel like my heart was racing a little lightheaded but ithink that was because I read the symptoms and reading things like that always freaks me out Bc unless I was already feeling it I'm never sure whether I'm feeling it bc i read it or Bc I actually feel sick. Another fact I did not eat after 5pm tonight which is unusual for me..usually I have a snack at night like some popcorn or something but I didn't because I told myself a few days ago I would stop doing that Bc its bad for my health.oh and I drank some water cause it said to online and checked my temp I'm 98.4 right now..wow this lengthy just let me know what you guys think please and thank you...am I being paranoid, should I wait it out and hope it doesn't get worse or wake up somebody at 3:43 in the morning and have them drive me to the hospital for tests?

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Nov 17, 2015
To minor could be serious
by: Anonymous

I wish there was some way to know how your situation turned out....

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