lower right ab pain

by Lb
(Texas, United States)

I have been having lower right ab pain for three weeks now! I have had my gall bladder removed, had kidney stones on right side back in June if 2012. Went to the doctor 2 weeks ago.. He checked.. No kidney stones, no hernia, not my appendix. The doctor told me if it starts hurting bad again go to ER and have them call him he is unsure what it is!! The pain is a stabbing pain, sometimes I go days without it, I noticed if I sit up straight too much that can affect it! My stools have been soft and one or two a day! No mucus or blood! I eat pretty regular! Oh, I had a partial hyst at age 24, I am now 44, I am in menopause! Any ideas??


Dear LP,

Thanks for contacting us with this on-going lower right ab pain. If you have had this investigated (by way of thorough physical examination, blood tests, scans if deemed necessary by your doctor) without any positive findings, it is very likely that it is due to adhesion pain from the number of surgical operations you have had in the past.

Adhesions are scars left in the abdomen often following a major abdominal surgery and these form sticky strands of materials like spider web that could hold down a segment of the bowels, causing pain off and on.

The symptoms you've described is not uncommon with adhesions. The good news is that most times, the pain will go away without needing to do anything other than take pain killers for a few days.
You can read more about post surgical adhesions, how to diagnose it and treatment options available on our adhesion page by following the link below.

Why not discuss this with your doctor if you think it perhaps reasonably describes what you are experiencing?

Please kindly, if you can, find time to update us on how things went, as we are always eager to know what eventually happened and if this lower right ab pain got diagnosed and treated.

Thanks again for stopping by here and looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

With Best Wishes,

Abdopain Team.

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