lap band times 2

by marissa

Name marissa im 24 i have had the lap band 2 times and had the lap band removed 2 times. it been a year now and i am getting abdominal pain, bloating, prpoblems passing gas, vomiting from time to time. I have to go for a stomach emptying test tommorow. I dont think it is going to show anything i think my trouble sre steaming from scar tissue fromthe 4 surgeries to place and remove the lap band.

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Apr 07, 2014
Will the pain ever stop?
by: RGG

This page was the best on the Internet to even suggest that chronic abdominal pain is just that, PAINFUL! I of course, followed a celebrity course of surgeries, trying to be thin. Sucessful gastric bypass in 2004 and then decided to get the lapband over the bypass in July MEXICO. Well, it was the biggest mistake of my entire life! I feel like I will pay for my stupid decision for the rest of my days :( The place was horrific and I was able to express that enough to stop the referring company in the states to stop sending patients to this paticular clinic.

I lost an additional 40 lbs while getting fills from a bariatric surgeon, until, my "all you can get filled" was going to expire. I got my last fill in Jan 2013, at which time, I knew the band was too tight. Nov 2013, I lived with horrific abdominal pain until I had the band removed and the discovery of my bowel almost obstructed due to abdominal adheisons. The surgeon advised I had severe scar tissue and that he cut and burned some of it away. The bloating and the severe pain got better, however, I was left with chronic abdominal pain, not intermittingly, but every single day; just like a nagging toothache. The only time it did not hurt was sleeping. The pain is always the most upon waking up. I was taking over 8 advil a day until I saw a pain management clinic three weeks ago. My new Doctor reviewed my hospital notes and prescribed a Butran pain patch and norco for the pain. The pain patch has been effective as it is changed weekly. I tried to leave it off for 24 hours, but was able to tell it does ease the pain. I have had one of two scheduled superior gastric nerve blocks. It only been 3 days, I have not felt any benefit yet but still hopeful! I have been so depressed and feel so responsible for having this happen to me. I am just glad to have discovered this website to see, in black and white, that these adhesions can change a person's life.

I wake up every day hoping the pain has stopped, but until then, I will hope that my doctor will continue trying to find the right treatment for me. If there are any other forms of treatments anyone has heard of, please share!

Thank you!

Jan 27, 2014
adhesions after wls
by: Tina

I've had three pelvic surgeries and three abdominal surgeries including a gastric bypass 5 years ago. For the past 4 years I've had 2 to 4 episodes per year. The pain is the worse I've ever felt. It radiates from my stomach and sides, through to my back. Its worse than labor pains. The doctor says its adhesions from all the surgeries and there's nothing that can be done. I've had 3 CT scans, MRIs, capsule scan, a test for blockage none of which yielded any answers.
The doctor(s) don't want to do more surgery because it may lead to more lesions. So every few months I find myself in the ER in severe pain. They give me morphine for the pain and send me home with Percocet. The Percocet helps a lot however, I don't want to take an addictive opiate for extended periods for an indefinite time.
My pain only last for about two weeks then its gone for 2 or 3 months. I was told that its very common in people who have had weight loss procedures.
At this point, I'm willing to chance them returning to get them removed. The last episode I had my daughter had to take leave from her job to care for me. I couldn't walk 6 feet from the bed to the bathroom without help. I was in the hospital for over a week and had 2 blood transfusions. I lost 12 pounds in 10 days because I cant eat or drink anything because it makes the pain worse.
I wish I or someone had answers but it seems even the doctors cant answer this one. Well their answer is Pain Management clinics and Percocet. Exercise can bring on the pain also. Aerobics, running, sit ups and crunches all can cause the adhesions to move and wrap around organs causing pain. But as you know we need to exercise to keep the weight off.

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