Julie Bellairs Despereate

by Julie Bellairs
(Woking Surrey)


I am 48 years old and summer chronic pain deep in the right hand side of my pelvis. I have had the pain since having my children all by c section as follows:-

1986 first c section - recover ok no pain after surgery.

1988 second c section - very traumatic premature labour at 30 weeks (baby died) - no real pain after recovery.

1989 third c section - first notice pain in right hand side of pelvis recovery from c section took longer. was prescribed a painkiller I think it was called Ponstane Forte.

1991 fourth major cut due to ectopic pregnancy and large cyst removed from womb.

1993 Fifth c section ( and last) - after recovery had bouts of really bad pain where bowl would stick to stomach wall due to adhesion.

I have had three lots of lazier treatment and athough I don't really get the same sort of pain the pain has got steadily worse over the last 15 years. It effects my everday life and it is actually embarrassing as no one understands. You can be having a lovely time with friends and the next minute you just dont know what to do with yourself.

Is there any help out there

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