julie alexander

by julie

hi i am a 47 yr old mum of 4.. all 4 of my babie were delivered by c-section and i have had my appendix and gall bladder removed. last section was in in 2004 and gallbladder removal was in the same year. i also have had laparoscopy for ovarian cysts. since 2003 i began experiencing severe pain in my lower abdomen during time of ovulation.. i have been admitted to hospital with this pain and on three occasions and every time they have been unable to find anything wrong.. i have had scans and xrays and the only thing that it could be put down to is adhesions from extensinve surgeries. i am at present suffering from intense pain in my bladder area and am seeing my gp this afteroon as the pain has been on going for more than a week. i dont think it is a bladder infection as i have no urgency or stinging. do i have to live with this pain and try to manage it? or is there something that can be done?

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