Jeannie in G. Town

by Jeannie
(Germantown, TN. 38138)

My name is Jeannie. Age 46. At age twelve I had an acute appendix rupture. I died on the operating table, and was in a coma for 6 weeks at Ontario Community Hospital in southern California. My odds we not good so my mother was encouraged to prepare. I now have a cemetery plot i'm trying to sell at Forrest Lawn. LOL

Just 5 weeks ago I had a partial hysterectomy. My doctor tells me I had (I'm spelling this wrong. that's why I found your site. Trying to get more info on what he told me.) abdomyiliosis? And endorametriosis? He said everything was plastered on my left side. It was like peeling bacon away. He said it was very interesting to see. Not the worst he'd ever seen though. He thinks it's in my bowel, and I think it is too. I still get tears sometimes when I have a bowel movement. :(

I had a goiter removed from my thyroid at age 26. And I have been taking Aldactone every since. I have week bones. Allergies include: Peanuts, MSG,deer meat, and morphine. Otherwise I am in very good health. weight is 150. Very active.
FYI: I was adopted at birth.

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Jun 06, 2013
My experience
by: Anonymous

Jeannie.... I had similar situation... all internal organs were displaced and on my right side of my abdomen... completely stuck together... wrapped tightly together by adhesions.... 'protecting' my very gangrenous appendix. Surgeon believes that mine were congenital adhesions... although I had surgery a couple of years prior for a strangulated femoral hernia... he was convinced that this was in no way the cause of the extent of adhesions.
61/2 hrs of Micro surgery... to put things back in place. Since this initial surgery... I have been back twice for keyhole surgery to 'snip' adhesions that were causing ongoing pain and partial obstructions. I had suffered from 'unexplained' abdominal pain as long as I could remember... before having the surgery done at 29yrs of age.

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