How are these types of adhesions diagnosed?

by Carol
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

I have had a series of strange medical issues since my youngest daughter was born in 1981 including serious chronic infections (including a large abscess in my hip/groin region finally found and drained in 2006), peritonitis in 1994, benign polyps and wide tumors in the colon (found in 1996 when I was age 38), a ruptured ovarian cyst in 1986, etc. and have suffered with chronic diarrhea since 1995 with chronic dehydration issues.

I have had a career of antibiotics since 1982 and keep pediatric electrolyte on hand to assist with keeping myself properly hydrated. Please let me know how I can determine whether adhesion could be a culprit as I have had a very difficult time managing my life and sleeping restfully for many years.

I have developed high blood pressure and take 10 mg. of Vasotec twice daily since the sepsis infection event suffered in 1999. And also take low-dose aspirin daily.

I am now 52 years old. As I stated earlier, my youngest child was born in 1981 and I had a D&C shortly thereafter due to a serious infection post her birth that caused me to suffer unbearable headaches, body aches, and eventually caused me to repeatedly loose consciousness. The D&C corrected this issue. However, I later found a large abscess in my groin that had been causing pain in the left side of my vagina after sex and may have ruptured several times of the more than 20 years it was present. The abscess would reduce in size with Keflex and would quickly enlarge again when the antibiotic was stopped. When it was finally drained, the drainage site became heavily infected with a yeast infection as well.

Thank you for your help with this.

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