horrible pain under my rib cage

by ashley
(georgia, usa )

Hi. My name is ashley and I'm 22 yrs old.

For the past three weeks I have had horrible pain under my rib cage including constant nausea and gas as well as bloating.

I went to the doctor and they ordered a gallbladder ultrasound in the morning to see if I have gallstones. But in the past two days I have also had pain in my lower back and lower abdomen as well with the other symptoms. But just here in the past two hours I have a new kind of alarming symptom which is horrible pain all the way from the top of my shoulder down to my fingertips ( right ARM) I still have all the other symptoms too and feel like an elephant is on my chest. I really don't want to go to the er bc i have my test in the morning but I do have two very small children and need to take care of myself. Please help. help!!

I have no medical history or surgery and do not take any medication except yaz birth control.

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