Got that upper abdominal pain right now YOUUUZZZAAA!

by Mike Troutner
(Austin, TX, USA)

Got that upper abdominal pain right now... YOUUUZZZAAA!

Used to get it from drinking too much I think, occasionally. Haven't had it for years, then all of a sudden tonight. Haven't really been drinking as much as I used to but still too much in general I guess. Drank no alcohol the last few days.

Nothing crazy for dinner (banana bread, mild nachos.) Pain is severe, comes in waves for hours (3-4) and is super-intense. Not sure what it's about. Seems to be at the stomach/esophagus junction (cardiac sphincter.) Pain area is about a 4" sphere around that area. Almost pass out it hurts so bad. As I type this I'm cringing. Thought it was a heart attack before but saw the doc and that was ruled out (phew.) Almost seems like I have a burp that is stuck right at the point of the valve and something is trying to squeeze the burp out. Slow, painful rhythmic contractions, continual swallowing of saliva thinking each swallow might help.

Well, funny thing is I quit drinking 2 days ago for good. Maybe this is just my body saying, "You a*shole, it's about time... let this be a lesson to ya in case you decide to start up again..."

Literally feels like my heart is going to explode at times.

Ok, well, back to hell for a few more hours. I hope you all don't get this thing... it really, really sucks. Probably ultimately drinking related, fyi, so my advice just quit if you think that applies to you. Your cells will thank you.
You'll heal faster, lose weight, have better skin and memory (have quit before...)


Dear Mike,

It is 21:26:47,EST. on Thu Feb 26, 2015.

Hmm. Have you had endoscopy to exclude gastritis, hiatus hernia or peptic ulcer?

If you are having so severe a pain in your upper central abdomen (or epigastric area), and if it is not going away within the next hour, I will suggest you go see a doctor as soon as you practically could.

With the story of reasonable amount of alcohol consumption, and the last one being two days ago, you could be having an attack of peptic ulcer, acute pancreatitis or not impossible, a perforated stomach. You see what I mean? It is hard to tell without getting examined. I am just going by the story you posted here a few minutes ago as above.

Any of the above conditions could have significant consequences. This is not to get you alarmed.

I am sorry to learn about your pain. So severe that you are crying and writing!

If you are unable to go in to see a doctor tonight, getting some Tylenol and Pepto Bismol and Losec might help initially.

Please we would be eager to hear from you on how things went eventually.

Thank you for sharing your experience here.

We really wish you a quick recovery.

Good Health To You.

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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