Even diabetics should reduce fat, add back a little carbohydrate

by Grant
(Lincoln Nebraska, USA)

I'm a 73-year-old male and because I have type diabetes, I'd gotten in the habit of trying to reduce carbohydrates a lot, and more or less throwing caution to the wind what it came to eating fat.

I made my second trip to the emergency room in the last six months with very severe back and abdominal pain. The first time I thought it was food poisoning but the second time about five months later I went to the emergency room suffering some of the worst pain and nausea I ever had in my life.

The emergency room doctor did a good work up including x-rays and a CT scan.

Anyway making a long story short he diagnosed that this was probably gallstones, he went on to explain that a lot of people have gallstones that never really bothered them, unless you eat too much fat.

He was very good doctor and said that I should reduced fat in my diet I shouldn't become fat phobic a reasonable amount fat, the right kind is healthy. I have sense looked online and pretty much found out the same thing that my doctor had told me.

My final word of advice if you're diabetic especially reduced fat, eat a reasonable amount of carbohydrate, you know the healthy stuff not the cookies candies and cakes. That only leaves protein and again and I'll use the word reasonable even protein carries its own set of problems such as too much we'll definitely Bring on gout attacks.

Most Americans and British eat way too much protein, and if a little's good more is not better. Too much protein Is very inflammatory.

Bottom-line for the most part you just have to eat less, I know it's hard but the rewards are well worth it. Nothing is more enjoyable then feeling good.

When we feel good we take it for granted but like the old saying - you don't miss what you got until you ain't got it no more!!-

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