Combination of Chronic Abdominal Pain and Back Pain

by Bryan Markley
(California, United States)

Bryan Markley

66 years old

I have not had any medical conditions at all in the past, except for allergies to pollens and dust. No surgeries. I am only taking allergy medications such as Sudafed and Benedryl. No allergies to any medications.

About 3-4 months ago, I started having mild dull abdominal pains, which were sporadic. I might have the pain one day and then not have it for two days. Since it was only mild pain, I did not pay that much attention to it. I thought I just needed to take a few Tums to alleviate the symptoms.

Over the past two months the pains have been occurring more frequently, and back pains have started to accompany the abdominal pains. The abdominal and back pains are now occurring on almost a daily basis, and the back pains are now worsening.

I experience abdominal pains in the area behind the belly button, across the whole abdominal area. I am experiencing back pains in the middle/horizontal part of my back, and probably more pain on the left side. These are chronic, dull pains and not severe types of pains.

Oddly enough, I do not usually experience any pain when I wake up in the morning. It comes back sometime during the late morning or afternoon and may or may not persist through the rest of the day.

I have also been experiencing symptoms of burping and flatulance fairly frequently after having eaten a fairly large meal. If I eat something like plain yoghurt, I do not experience any of those symptoms.

Do you have any idea what the disease/problem may be?

Thank you,

Bryan Markley

Dear Bryan Markley,

Thanks for contacting us regarding your abdominal pain behind the belly button, which has now been joined by back pain.

You described the pain as a dull continuous one, and seems to be worse towards the left side now. Hmm. I will strongly suggest that you get a scan of your abdomen to exclude an abdominalaortic aneurysm.

Let me be clear. I am not suggesting that that is what you have. Nevertheless, with your age (66), and the pain you've described, that is the top on the list of things that needs excluding. This will be even more important of you have ever smoked in your life.

Please visit our web page and read more about abdominalaortic aneurysm here.

Once this is excluded, then any other cause of your abdominal and back pain can be looked into.

As always, we would appreciate it if you could update us on how things went and what was found.

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Dr Edema

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