Biliary colic

I am 60 year old male. A couple years ago I started feeling a pressure in my upper right abdomen under my ribs. I hardly would call it a pain. The area wasn't sore to the touch even if i pressed my fingers up under my ribs. I felt the pressure more after a heavy meal. During the day at work I scarcely felt it.

I drank beer averaging about 5 per day and wondered if this pressure wasn't a swollen liver. About 13 months ago I quit drinking entirely and had hoped this pressure would go away. It hasn't, but it hasn't gotten any worse either. I eat a very healthy diet and am vegan except for eggs from my own hens. My weight is just about perfect for my height. I take no medications and am in perfect health except for some arthritis in my right hip. Is what I'm feeling a mild form of biliary colic? Should I see a doctor about it? Thanks.

Dear Reader,

I would sincerely suggest you see a doctor, at least to have your abdomen examined, get some blood works done to check the status of your liver and biliary system, as well as maybe, an abdominal ultrasound scan.

It does not sound though, from the story you gave here that you are having biliary colic. This is usually a very painful abdominal pain in the upper right quadrant, lasting a few minutes and associated with nausea, sweating and in some cases vomiting.

I must congratulate you for making the change you described, 13 months ago. It certainly would help with a better liver health.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again, should you have any other question.

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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