Adhesions - Organ strangulation

by melanie brown

I have suspected adhesions, due to wo operations I had, one a back op and two a hysterectomy, which involved radiation therapy.

I have severe pain and obstuction. I understand that internal organs can become strangled and can create further problems. I have now noticed that I'm passing blood. Is this now an emergency?

I have been prescribed strong co codomol, diclofenac and now tramadol. The pain still persists. I need some serious advice please

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Jan 27, 2014
Maybe More Than Just Adhesions
by: Tina

Adhesions can strangle your organs. They can twist up your intestines causing bowel obstruction.
I have had bleeding also, to the point that I needed transfusions. I've been told that adhesions don't usually cause bleeding however they couldn't find a source of the blood I was losing.
You should look into other causes of your passing blood just to rule out a more serious problem. I go to emergency when I see bloody stools. They just fill me up again and send me home after they manage the pain and my numbers go up.

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