abdominal pain unexplained

by Casey
(Queensland, Australia)

unexplained abdominal pain in my lower right side for about 3 years it comes and goes, i have have ct scans, colonoscopy, and my appendix out but they still can not find what it is.

The pain starts in my right lower abdominal and can some times travel down to the top of my leg and even my back on some occasions .

I have had the Mirena in for about the same length of time and do not get a period , I am desperate to find out whats going on its destroying my marriage and life any ideas?

Dear Casey,

I am indeed sorry to learn about the unexplained abdominal pain affecting you and those around you for upwards of three years.

As pointed out on this site, such pain is even more of a problem when despite various tests, one cannot put a finger on the cause.

Are you able to give us more information about this pain? Does it tend to be worse at certain times of the month? If yes, would this be around the time of your periods? Do you experience any pain during sexual intercourse in your lower abdomen too, or when opening your bowel?

How old are you?

Is there anybody in your family that suffers with endometriosis?

Well, from the information provided so far, I will suggest you look into the possibility of doing the following, after discussions with your family doctor to exclude endometriosis or pelvic congestion syndrome:
  1. Diagnostic Laparoscopy: This is a camera test to take a direct look inside your abdomen and pelvis to see if they can identify the cause of your abdominal pain
  2. Acupuncture. There is a growing body of evidence amongst doctors that acupuncture, in trained hands can help reduce chronic abdominal pain while the cause is being investigated. If it is something you are open to, you could consider a few sections in acupuncture to see if it helps with this unexplained abdominal pain that has been going on for 3 years
  3. CBT / Counseling: What about seeking counseling with your husband together to try to understand how this pain cause you to feel and what can be done to mitigate the effect on both of you and your precious relation?

So in a nutshell, see a gynecologist and get acupuncture and counseling and perhaps, you might be able to find cure or at least manage and reduce the effect of the pain on you.

Please do not hesitate to ask specific questions if there is any other way we can help.

Thank you for using our free online consultation services here at abdopain.com.

Good Health To You.

Dr O Edema

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