abdominal pain during intercourse

by elizabeth
(salem nj)

i'm a 30 yr old female who had a c section a year and a half ago and i've had progressively worsening abdominal symptoms since.

my obgyn hasn't seen anything on ultrasounds out of the ordinary... would this show up on an internal or regular ultrasound?

my symtoms:

sudden onset extreme abdominal pain at random times in my cycle...hurts more with movement and lasts several days
painful intercourse, post coital bleeding
sudden sharp annoying pains when i move the 'wrong way'..
having to pee twice ( have to pause and make sure im done)

so since this is pretty common, the dr wont get annoyed by my googling? i dont want to badger him to look for zebras.

Hello Elizabeth,

It does sound like you have endometrosis with adhesions.

The history of abdominal pain during sex and also during your period (menses) is consistent with a possible endometrosis.

Some women do develop endometrosis after c/s.

Please feel free to discuss with your doctor, and I am sure he or she wouldn't mind.

Please do drop back here and lets know how you went.

Thanks for visiting.

Dr O Edema

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