abdominal cramps for past 17 days with more than 200-300 cramps every day

by Seema

My son is suffering with abdominal cramps for past 17 days, he is having more than 200-300 cramps every day,

only time when cramps are less is at night when he is in deep sleep, for the first time in my life i am having a feeling that medical science is useless ,

i have shown him to 6 renowned doctors including homeopathy doctor but everyone is just assuring it"ll go but no effect till now.

Most if the time Cramps are for 8-9 secs but frequency is of 5-6 minutes.initially doctors said its Impacted stool, but my son never had constipation,his motions are smooth and

Normal, now they are saying its gerd but they are not able to identify the real cause no medicine is working for his pain,

I don't know what to do.

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