12 yr old daughter chronic pain above belly button constant over 4 months

My 12yr old daughter has constant pain above bellybutton.

It never goes away and has been around for over 4 months. She hasn't yet started menstruation, but we can expect that to happen at anytime.

We have been to a gp, a Pediatrician 3 times... ER twice.

Now going thru Pediatric GI specialist.

Never had fever/nausea/vomiting/diarrhea/weight loss/has an appetite. All testing has come back clear. Bloodwork, stool samples, X-ray, ultrasound, h pylori, pancreatic enzymes, thyroid, celiac...

We pulled all milk and dairy, without luck.

She's been on the FODMAP diet without success. She's been treated for "constipation", no luck. We have discovered that she has "slow transit". We have given her very high levels of restoralax, Metamucil, picoSalic (used for colonoscopies ), exlax, milk of magnesia, castor oil...

It clears her out, but not watery at all. She's not even 100lbs and has little body fat. Walking is very limited now. She spends most of her day on the couch.

We've gone to therapy thinking it might be anxiety, although her personality would never lead anyone to believe that is the problem. After about 6 sessions the therapist said she is not responding to the CBT methods and that my daughter should see a Psychiatrist for medication.

The GI specialist said we might be dealing with FAPS (functional abdominal pain syndrome)...

Any suggestions would be welcomed. She's tried bentylol, APO-omeprazole both without luck.

She is now on CREON.

HELP!HELP!Help! Can't get her to school, She played rep hockey and soccer and cries daily because she wants her life back. Anyone???

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