why would your spleen no longer produce iron

by ab

my grandmother is suffering from anemia due to lack of blood cell production from her spleen and her body is using her bone marrow for supplementation.

could u educate me on the process? and why does this happen, she is in her mid- well late 60's. is her age reason alone for this?

she has spent a couple weeks in the hospital and none of her concerns where addressed. lots of test but no definite prognosis or treatment plan. told her she will possibly need to come in for blood infusions or if blood work in the norms then probably Iron replacement.

i have done research to educate myself but i would rather, as i am a Registered Nurse and work the ER so it isn't my specialty.

i want to be as well informed as possible to be able to relay my knowledge to her in a way that will be easier for her to understand and i will be there to answer any questions she may have.

thanks so much for your time

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